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Oil Change Services at 23615 Alessandro Blvd. Moreno Valley, CA

If you’re looking for quick and affordable car maintenance in Moreno, California, Speedy Lube & Tire is your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. Our 23615 Alessandro Blvd. location offers everything from standard oil changes and fully synthetic oil changes to transmission flushes and brake fluid services.

A family-owned business that’s been operating for decades, Speedy Lube & Tire is committed to its customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on our dedicated service and efficiency, and we strive to go above and beyond whenever customers come into the shop.

Check out the full list of services available at our Alessandro Blvd. location below.

Oil Change

Drivers on the hunt for affordable oil changes should look no further than Speedy Lube & Tire. Our professionals guarantee easy and efficient car and truck oil change services, helping to keep every vehicle that comes through our shop well maintained and healthy.

When you come in for an oil change service, our professionals drain out any old motor oil and follow all necessary vehicle specifications when replacing it.

Transmission Flush

Allowing too much fluid to build up in the transmission of your car can lead to more serious problems in the future. Our professionals at Speedy Lube & Tire can flush and replace old transmission fluid to ensure your vehicle remains in good condition for years to come.

We want your vehicle running smoothly, so we make sure it stays lubricated with the correct amount of transmission fluid for its specific needs.

Transmission Filter and Gasket Replacement

Even with regular flushes, dirt and debris can build up inside of a vehicle’s transmission over time. At Speedy Lube & Tire, we keep an eye on this and offer filter and gasket replacement services to keep your transmission clean and well maintained.  

Differential Fluid Service

Your car’s differential keeps your tires moving smoothly, and differential fluid keeps it cool and lubricated. Much like transmission fluid, differential fluid must be properly maintained to keep your car in top-notch condition. Head on over to our Alessandro Blvd. location and our automotive pros can determine if it’s time for differential fluid service.

Transfer Case Fluid Service

Transfer case fluid keeps your vehicle’s gears functioning properly, and it typically needs to be filtered out and replaced after around 30,000 miles. If you believe your car is ready for transfer case fluid service, Speedy Lube & Tire has you covered.

Radiator Flush

Regular radiator flushes are a necessity for keeping your engine cool — and that’s a part of the vehicle you don’t want to overheat. At Speedy Lube & Tire, we offer preventative services like these to keep your car from facing more serious issues down the line.

Power Steering Fluid Service

Our technicians at Speedy Lube & Tire offer power-steering fluid services, both flushing old fluids and checking for any leaks in the process. We recommend coming in every 30,000 to 60,000 miles to prevent wear and tear to your power-steering system.

Brake Fluid Service

The importance of maintaining your vehicle’s brakes can’t be overemphasized, and Speedy Lube & Tire offers brake fluid service at an affordable price. Our technicians will test and change the fluid in your vehicle’s hydraulic brake system, giving you peace of mind that your brakes are functioning at their highest capacity.

Internal Engine Cleaning Service

Cleaning your vehicle’s engine enables it to run better, but only if it’s done properly. Our professionals have years of experience providing this type of service and will inspect and flush the internal engine to ensure it’s not at risk of failing. 

Air Condition Vacuum and Recharge Service

California can get hot, especially in the summer, so drivers want to ensure their vehicle’s air conditioner is functioning well. Our air condition vacuum and recharge services prolong the life of your car’s AC and save you from choosing between discomfort and expensive repairs.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Windshield wipers are critical components of your car, especially when nasty weather arrives. Our technicians at Speedy Lube & Tire can replace your wipers with new ones, something that should be done regularly to keep drivers safe.  

Light Bulb Replacement

Driving with a headlight or taillight out can prove both dangerous and costly if you get pulled over. Speedy Lube & Tire can change these bulbs for you quickly and easily so you can drive stress-free.

Battery Terminal Cleaning

Speedy Lube & Tire offers battery terminal cleaning services, checking for debris and corrosion within your vehicle’s battery terminal and removing anything that could impact its ability to function properly.


Contact Speedy Lube & Tire today to learn more about the automotive services available at our Alessandro Blvd location or to schedule an appointment for maintenance.