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Maintenance & Oil Change Services

Oil Change:  We drain the old oil and refill it with a new quality motor oil following the vehicle specifications to ensure correct oil viscosity and quantity. This will keep the car engine cool and clean and reduce friction.

Install New Oil Filter:  A new quality branded oil filter will be installed after removing the old following lubrication’s specification guidebook to ensure that the correct size oil filter is installed; this goes along with every oil change to guarantee the engine remains clean and cool.

Check Radiator Fluid:  We check the level of the coolant and, if necessary, top it with the original coolant as recommended by vehicle manufacturers; this will ensure that the engine’s temperature is always low and free from overheating.

Check Power Steering: We will check and fill the power steering fluid so that the hydraulics is full and steering is effortless. Moreover, it prolongs the life of the power steering pump.

Check & Fill Windshield Washer Fluid: We check and fill the wiper fluid with genuine windshield washer fluid so that driver can wash away the dirty, streaked window.

Check Transmission Fluid: We check the manual/automatic transmission fluid level and top it if necessary with the original vehicle recommended manual/automatic transmission fluid to make sure the transmission remains lubricated and shifts smoothly.

Check Differential Fluid: We check and fill the Front/Rear differential fluid using the manufacturer's recommended fluid.

Check Transfer Case: We check the transfer case in 4x4 vehicles to ensure the fluid is up to the proper level and top up if necessary.

Check Battery Water: We check and fill the battery water level to ensure that the battery remains charged and supplies the required automobile electricity.

Visually Inspect Brake Fluid: We will check the brake fluid level and inform the driver to take precautionary measures to restore power to the brake system if it is low.

Visually inspect cabin air filter: We inspect the cabin air filter (If applicable) to ensure that the air the driver and passengers breathe in the car is clean; the cabin air filter filters the air from dust and pollen.

Visually inspect engine Air Filter: We check the engine air filter to make sure it is not clogged and free from dirt so that the engine will breathe excellent and clean air to improve combustion and fuel economy.

Visually inspect wiper Blades: We check wiper blades so that the driver can wipe away annoying dirt or moisture that hinders their view.

Visually inspect serpentine Belts: We check the serpentine belts for cracks to prevent car breakdown and substantial financial loss.

Check Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve: We check the PCV if it is clogged. A healthy PCV valve regulates the flow of crankcase fumes or the not burned fuel into the intake manifold so they can be burned and help maintain proper crankcase pressure.

Check Breather Element: We check the breather element for dirt, which helps filter the air pulled into the engine crankcase by the PCV system.

Inflate Tires to Proper Pressure: We inflate tires to proper air pressure, reducing uneven tread wear, helping maintain balance, and increasing traction and fuel economy.

Lube Chassis: We lube all the grease fittings/joints on most vehicles equipped with filling nipples.

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