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Speed Lube & Tire brings to you a range of automotive maintenance and preventive services that include transmission flush Moreno Valley CA, oil change Moreno Valley CA, and tire rotation Moreno Valley CA for your convenience. Call 951 940 7220 for a quote today!

Why Do You Need Our Solutions for Oil Change Moreno Valley CA?

We believe that to keep your vehicle in great shape, you need to take care of every aspect of it for its holistic maintenance. In order to achieve this, you need to ensure that you do regular oil and filter change along with other services like transmission flush Moreno Valley CA and tire rotation Moreno Valley CA. 

If you are looking for solutions for oil change Moreno Valley CA, you can rest assured that we do offer the best solution to give you the best results. Our services include:

  • Proper lubrication of the chassis of your vehicle

  • Using the optimum quantity of motor oil

  • New oil filter installation

  • Option to avail for a free tire rotation

What About Our Solution for Transmission Flush Moreno Valley CA?

Have you been noticing grinding gears, difficulty in shifting, excessive noise, choppy clutch, etc. of late in your car? If yes, then your car needs a transmission repair. The services we offer are:

  • Manual transmission repair

  • Automatic transmission repair

  • Adjustment and inspection

  • Clutch replacement

  • Transmission replacement

How do we do tire rotation Moreno Valley CA?

In order to ensure that your vehicle stays in great condition for years to come, you need to keep a tab on the position of its tires. This identifies if there’s any massive difference of tread in between them. We ensure that we properly check the position of your vehicle’s tires so that there’s no massive difference of tread in between them. You can avail our services for tire rotation Moreno Valley CA so that you do not have to replace your car tires as frequently.

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About Us

Speedy Lube & Tire  is a subsidiary of Speedy Lube  & Tires International Ltd, A wholly indigenous and family operated company founded in  Nigeria by 5 brothers, Chidi, Revd. Edozie, Chike, Okezie and Dr.Obi. They started as Durable Resources (Nigeria) Ltd., engaged solely on merchandising. In 1990 the company was transformed into its present status as a Brand Development and Management Company.  In 2006 Chidi a graduate from The University of Nigeria, decided to pursue a career in the Automobile Industry.


As a young boy Chidi saw how his Dad (Godwin) maintains and prevents his legendary Peugeot 404 and 504. It was during this time that Chidi learned the value of every automobile, and learned how the right care and knowledge could extend the life and performance of any car. Chidi learned how to use computer based diagnostic tools to enhance his deep knowledge of automobile engines. Although Chidi was learning the most advanced techniques in auto preventive maintenance services, he never forgot the lessons he learned from his father all those years ago.

Chidi obtained an Associate Degree in Automotive Technology from the Riverside Community College, Riverside, California. He is a Certified Lube Technician and member of the Prestigious Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) Houston, Texas. Chidi and Chinyere (wife) is the pioneer of this lube serving the Inland Empire of Southern California.

Our Services

-Oil Change

-Transmission flush

-Transmission filter and gasket replacement

-Differential fluid service

-Transfer case fluid service  

-Radiator flush 

-Power steering fluid service

-Brake fluid service

-Internal engine cleaning service

-Air condition vacuum and recharge service

-Wiper blade replacement

-Light bulb replacement

-Battery terminal cleaning 

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We Balance, We Rotate 
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