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Speedy Lube Commitment to Make Your vehicle Last

These days, many drivers area are committed to making their cars last a long time. First thing: you've got to start with what you've got. Never miss a scheduled service item, pay attention to the severe service maintenance schedule and have regular inspections. But if you've had the vehicle for a while or bought it used its maintenance history is what it is, and that's where you start. Go through the maintenance schedule for your vehicle and see what's been done and when. Have your service advisor at Speedy Lube do an inspection and come up with a list of stuff that needs to be done. Review the list and prioritize the work, talk about the budget and make a plan to get caught up. Making a plan is so important. Suppose you go in for an oil change and learn you need your cooling system serviced by a transmission service and are coming up on a timing belt replacement in the next 5,000 miles/8,000 kilometer's. You might be pretty overwhelmed. To make it even more stressful, these are all critical systems that are expensive to repair if there's a failure. In consultation with your Speedy Lube service advisor, you might decide to take care of the transmission on this visit, set an appointment for the cooling system service next month and get an estimate for the timing belt replacement so you'll be prepared for it in a few months. Having a plan for taking care of these critical services will set your mind at ease.

For advice on how to make your vehicle last longer, visit us at Speedy Lube.

Speedy Lube

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